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Dr. Paul C. Drago, MD

Otolaryngology Consultant

Dr. Paul C. Drago, MD works as a Otolaryngology Consultant and Medical Director for the Department of Corrections in South Carolina.

Welcome to Dr. Paul C. Drago

Presently, Dr. Paul C. Drago, MD works as a Otolaryngology Consultant and Medical Director for the Department of Corrections in South Carolina. Besides this specification his responsibilities includes providing emergency treatment, long term sickness care and routine medical services. He is an expert in head, nose, neck and throat surgery for both kids and adults. He completed his graduation in bachelor of Science in Zoology with honors in the year 1985 at the University of Maryland. In 1990, Dr Paul Drago received his M.D. from the prestigious Ohio State University College of Medicine. A leader in the medical field, Dr. Paul Drago has also carried out a wide range of writing projects and research during his career.

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ENT treatments

Dr. paul drago is a medical director for the department of correction in south carolina. He has vast experience in the field of medical science. Wilson health care of Dr. paul drago provide comprehensive ear,nose,throat medical and surgical care. The aim is to support patient with giving overall health care advice. Thousands of patient positively has faith on him for the kind of effective treatment he gives.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Paul Drago, with over 25 years of experience, is a specialist in cosmetic surgery such as facial liposuction, chin augmentation and reduction, otoplasty and other cosmetic related surgeries. Now, Anti-aging has been possibly being treated by cosmetic surgery and Paul C. Drago is contributing the best of his knowledge to give you the attractive appearance. If you want to enhance your facial features, get in touch with him for the natural look.

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Plastic Surgery

Dr Paul Drago, is an expert surgeon and medical executive and well known for his plastic surgery in Greenville, South carolina. He currently works as the Medical Director and serves in the Department of Corrections in South Carolina. Plastic Surgery can help you look and feel your best, if needed as a result of factors such as illness, birth detect or aging. Contact Dr Paul Drago, to schedule a consultation for the best treatment of plastic surgery.

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