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What Do You Need To Know About Hearing Aids

What Do You Need To Know About Hearing Aids

A lot of people face hearing loss and other problems in day to day life. There are a lot of treatments that can prove to be beneficial in such cases. Dr Paul Drago is an ENT specialist residing in Greenville SC and is highly proficient in ENT treatments.

Types of Hearing aids

Hearing aids are available in two different types on the basis of the placement of the same. Depending upon the type and the issues faced by the individuals in hearing, they are recommended by any one out of the below mentioned types of hearing aids by DR. Paul Drago residing in Greenville SC.

In the ear style hearing aid (ITE)

As the name suggests, the in the ear type of hearing aids are usually placed inside the ear. Apart from that they mainly include: –

  • In the canal hearing aids – This type of hearing aid is usually placed at the lower side of outer ear bowl.
  • Completely in the canal and Invisible in the canal – This type of hearing aid is the smallest in size and therefore, they are quite invisible.
  • Low profile hearing aids – as the name suggests, they are slightly smaller in size as compared to other type. They are designed in such a way that they cover just a part of entire outer ear.


Behind the ear type of (BTE)

These type of hearing aids are those types that are used behind the ears. They are more popular type hearing aids as they are smaller in size. They include:

  • Mini BTEs – these are the type of hearing aids that have a slim tube.
  • BTEs with earmolds – They generally have a longer shape and they fit behind the entire outer ear.
  • Receiver in the ear BTEs – A distinctive feature of these type of hearing aids is that they fit within ear tip and this makes them a bit distance from the eardrum.

Dr Paul Drago is adept in all of these and various other type of treatments for better hearing in patients in Greenville SC. Almost every patient is more than satisfied by absolutely amazing treatments provided by the doctor.




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