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Is A Runny Nose A Reason To See An ENT?

Is A Runny Nose A Reason To See An ENT?

As the name given to “common cold” by convention means that it is a common phenomenon, a major type of common cold issue faced by a lot of individuals is that of a runny nose. Oftentimes, the condition is due to common cold only but for some specific times, a runny nose can be evident of some other serious ailments and therefore, it is extremely essential to see an ENT in case you are suffering from runny nose. Dr Paulo Drago is a renowned ENT specialist in the Greenville and has years of experience in the same. He has been treating the condition and has reached some conclusions about the causes of the same which are mentioned below.

Causes For A Runny Nose

According to Dr. Paulo Drago from Greenville Sc, runny nose could be caused due to these following reasons: –

Lodged object – A major reason can be accumulation of a particular object within your nose. An ENT specialist like Dr. Paulo Drago has specialised tools for treating this situation.

Chronic sinusitis – sinusitis is a major issue with a large group of population all over the world and is also a major cause of runny nose.

Allergies – A rather basic reason or cause of runny nose could be allergies that different people suffer from.

Deviated septums or nasal polyps – To understand this point, you must understand first that no two nose are similar in function and structures. Therefore, different people may have different type of deformities within their nose which might interfere with their overall nasal health. Deviated septums and nasal polyps are two examples of the same.

Having said enough about the condition of runny nose and its causes, it is important to understand that there are different reasons and causes behind a common disease such as the common cold and therefore, it is important to consult an ENT like Dr. Paul Drago every time you face a simple issue like that of a runny nose.










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