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The advancement in the field of plastic surgery has made the cosmetic surgeries more accessible and procedures more safe and precise. However, Dr. Paul C Drago, an acknowledged plastic surgeon in SC, believes that for better results, post procedure care leading to a  healthy recovery is equally important.

The number of people opting for cosmetic surgeries has been increasing continuously and the year 2017 itself has seen around 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures with around $16.7 Billion spent. Within cosmetic surgery, a rapid increase has been noticed in the number of face surgeries, majorly face contour and fillers.

Here are 5 face surgeries that can change your entire face aesthetic :

Chin Augmentation
Chin augmentation is popular among both men and women. According to ASPS, more than 16,000 people opted for it. It can correct recessed or square and help gain a more defined face structure and reduce the fleshy appearance of the neck. The implants can be made of silicon or GORE-TEX which can further be carved and shaped by the surgeons to fit the patient. This implant is placed in the pocket made through incisions made either inside the mouth or on the outside of the chin. This implant then give a defined structure to the face below the cheek line. Chin augmentation is also performed in combination with other surgeries like cheek implants or nose job to get the desired results.

Nose Job
Nose job, as the name suggests, is meant to correct the shape size as well as angle of the nose. There are two major kinds of nose jobs : Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty. Septoplasty is done to correct the angle of nose and straighten the septum. On the other hand, rhinoplasty changes the look of the nose by correcting its size and shape. The healing process is comparatively fast as it takes only one or two weeks to completely heal from the surgery although, it is advised to not bump your nose into things from about 2 months.

Jaw Reduction
Also known as jaw shaving, jaw reduction can be done via two methods depending on the reason behind a wide jaw. Enlarged jaw muscles can be reduced by a minimally invasive method of injecting botox into the muscle which can make the muscles smaller although it may take months. However, if it’s the jaw bone that’s wide, it would require a jaw shaving surgery. It gives a defined jawline and enhances the overall aesthetics of the face giving it a contoured look. Complete healing may take about 3 to 4 months since jaw reduction is a major face surgery.

Forehead lift
Also known as endoscopic brow lift, forehead lift corrects the lose and drooping forehead and reduces the appearance of lines on the forehead and help make the patient look younger and fresher. Incisions are made behind the hairline and skin is lifted and tucked while removing the excess. Healing may take about 2 weeks although the final results may take a couple months to appear.

Eyelid surgery
Medically known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is usually performed to remove excess skin, flesh and fat from around the eyelids. Droopy-ness around eyes can reduce the vision of the patient and blepharoplasty can help improve that. It can easily be conjuncted with other procedures like facelift and eyebrow lift. Eyelid surgery considerably changes the appearance of your eyes and make them look more young and alert. Majority of healing happens within 2 weeks although the patient requires to be careful with light and dust.

Dr. paul C Drago, currently serving as an MD for Department of correction in SOuth Carolina, is an expert plastic surgeon with an experience of more than 20 years. As a preferred surgeon in SOuth Carolina, he focuses on providing the best care and medical advice to his patients. To know more about Dr. Drago,

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