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Rhinoplasty Recovery Time: What to Expect After Surgery

Dr. Paul Drago Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time: What to Expect After Surgery

So you thought the actual surgery was the hard part of getting a rhinoplasty? You’re in for a surprise!

As with most surgical procedures, it’s the aftercare that’s most uncomfortable. Sure, the idea of having your nose cut open is discomforting, to say the least; but what follows post-surgery is a lot more intense than the procedure itself.

The recovery time post-rhinoplasty depends on various factors such as the amount of reconstruction that needed to be carried out as well the surgical method that was used.

Recovery time after the procedure varies from person to person but generally facial plastic surgeons recommend that you take at least 2 weeks off from work to give your wounds ample time to heal.

After the first two weeks, recovery gets significantly easier.

Here’s what you can expect after surgery:

Week 1:

The first few days after the procedure are incredibly difficult. Be prepared to experience serious discomfort. You know how irritating it is to have a blocked nose? This will be ten times worse! Patients will not be able to breathe through their nose for a few days because it will be packed with an external (and sometimes internal) splint and the nostrils will be covered.

In these initial stages of recovery, patients will also have bruising and swelling.

Your doctor will remove the packing after a week and you’ll instantly feel much better.

Week 2:

As you enter the second week of recovery, the swelling and bruising will reduce significantly. A bystander won’t be able to tell that you’ve undergone a procedure.

Although you’ll still have to avoid physical activity, you can go back to work. Keep in mind that your skin is really sensitive after plastic surgery so stay away from the sun to avoid hyperpigmentation.

Month 1:

A month after your nose job, you’ll feel much better. This is also when the results of your surgery become more apparent. You’ll begin to see that the pain and discomfort were totally worth it!

You can partake in physical activity and begin wearing glasses again.

Months 2–3:

You’ve almost healed! The swelling has decreased and you should be back to your normal routine. You’ll still have to stay away from contact sports, though.

By undergoing rhinoplasty you can improve the size and shape of your nose. However, the procedure should only be carried out by a skilled and qualified surgeon.

Dr. Paul Drago MD from Greenville, SC has vast experience in the field of facial plastic surgery.

He carefully assesses each patient’s facial structure before recommending the best way forward. He offers rhinoplasty procedures that enhance the patient’s natural features and helps them feel good inside and out.

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